Dayton Bike Yard at Welcome Park Now Open

05 - 20 - 23
Five years in the making, the Dayton Bike Yard at Welcome Park is open for visitors. Located within the Carillon neighborhood, Welcome Park is accessible…

Five years in the making, the Dayton Bike Yard at Welcome Park is open for visitors. Located within the Carillon neighborhood, Welcome Park is accessible from I-75, close to downtown, and adjacent to the Great Miami River Recreational Trail. The new park adds a modern biking amenity to this regional recreation space, a key attraction for the Education Corridor of the Dayton Riverfront Plan.

The Dayton Bike Yard includes multiple trails and features intentionally designed to provide a range of opportunities for all ages and abilities from a casual walk around the multi-use path to honing skills and getting a little “air time” on the jump lines. Whether you are a seasoned rider or just taking off your training wheels, the Dayton Bike Yard provides a full progression of experiences to support every rider in improving their skills and becoming more confident.

Welcome Park was originally established by the City of Dayton as a neighborhood park. Partnerships with neighborhood associations, local nonprofits, and advocacy organizations are ensuring the park continues to serve neighboring families and the local community as it grows into a regional biking attraction. The Miami Valley Urban League, Miami Valley Mountain Bike Association, and CityWide Development worked with the City to establish the Community Bike Fund to ensure neighborhood kids enjoy the Dayton Bike Yard as much as regional enthusiasts.

The Community Bike Fund kicked off in 2023 with its first cohort of youth (ages 8–18). Private funding provides an educational program and new bikes appropriate for the park at no cost to participating youth. Youth participants learn basic bike skills, maintenance, and trail maintenance skills as part of the program. The Fund creates access to the Dayton Bike Yard while helping local youth build cycling confidence ­and skill.

The park is open dawn to dusk, seven days a week and is waiting for you to come out with your bike and ride.

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