Update on the Cultural Corridor

11 - 28 - 23
Big things are happening in the Culture Corridor of the Dayton Riverfront Plan, north of downtown along the Great Miami and Stillwater Rivers. At the…

Big things are happening in the Culture Corridor of the Dayton Riverfront Plan, north of downtown along the Great Miami and Stillwater Rivers.

At the confluence of the Great Miami and the Mad Rivers, just across from downtown, the Greater Dayton School is completing construction. This school is for grades K through 8 and will provide high-quality education and wraparound services to a cross-section of under-resourced students in Montgomery County. The site will also include a new park open to the public that will honor the legacy of Col. Edward Deeds, highlighting his and the Miami Conservancy District’s contributions to the region. In addition to the unique educational offering and a new iconic structure at one of the City’s most prominent locations, the site advances other elements of the Dayton Riverfront Plan by modifying Deeds Park Drive and North Bend Boulevard. These roads will no longer be open to through traffic, an essential step toward achieving the vision for a pedestrian promenade along the river connecting Island MetroPark, Kettering Field and Deed’s Point MetroPark into downtown.

Planning is currently underway at Kettering Field for major future investments. These improvements are envisioned to include an altered parking layout and more recreational fields to make the site an improved regional recreation facility.

Further north, at Island MetroPark, planning and fundraising for major park renovations are underway. The water play and playground areas will be updated, and ultimately, the band shell will be restored to the well-programmed performance venue that it has been in Dayton’s history. Additionally, the Greater Dayton Rowing Association will be resuming their youth rowing program in 2024 on the south side of the island.

At Triangle Park, the new dog park continues to be a top notch offering for our canine friends. Additional new investments, using Dayton Recovery Plan funds, include new park shelters, new fitness equipment and a newly paved path.

The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery continues to be an incredible asset in the Cultural Corridor. To support this institution, Dayton has provided $200,000 in Dayton Recovery Plan funds for facility upgrades.

Be sure to check out these exciting developments and opportunities just north of downtown.

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