Riverfront Plan Connects Ongoing Community Efforts

03 - 28 - 23
The Dayton Riverfront Plan is ambitious — and will serve our communities for generations to come. Many of the concepts within the plan have been…

The Dayton Riverfront Plan is ambitious — and will serve our communities for generations to come. Many of the concepts within the plan have been developed in concert with residents and stakeholders, and the plan has focused on knitting together ongoing work along our river corridors. One such example is Point Park in the Old North Dayton neighborhood along the Mad River.

Old North Dayton has a rich immigrant history. German, Irish and Eastern European immigrants first settled the neighborhood in the early 1900s, helping drive Dayton’s industrial economy and infusing their culture into the community.  Generations of families call Old North Dayton home, and the area continues to welcome new immigrant families today.

Point Park is located at the intersection of Valley and Keowee streets. Stakeholders for the DaVinci Project, the Old North Dayton community development effort, envisioned a realigned Valley Street that linked two park spaces together to create a much larger park.

In 2019, CityWide Development and the DaVinci investors, with support from the Vectren Foundation, hired Human Nature, a landscape design firm tasked with re-envisioning the new 3-acre site into a lively neighborhood amenity. Their final vision tied together the unique international heritage of the surrounding neighborhoods while enhancing the distinct river trailhead location of the park.

In addition to linking the community to the river and trail system, The Point already is a site for cultural remembrances, honoring veterans from the neighborhood. The site now features elements that reflect this, including flags, artwork, sculptures and a war memorial honoring generations of residents for their military service. Through placemaking, signage and park improvements, the park will link these elements to share the rich history of this community.

The park will be developed in phases. A vibrant mural has been painted at the north border of the park, and tree lawns and additional lighting have been installed. New metal flag banners representing people who’ve settled in Old North Dayton are under construction and should be installed later this spring.

Project partners and residents believe this component of the Dayton Riverfront Plan will not only be a beautiful gateway into the neighborhood, but an activated space to share the community’s history, provide a link to natural amenities, and offer a place for residents and visitors to gather.

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